Sharing this blog from HQIP Medical Director Prof Danny Keenan – as relevant to our clinical audit and other Health QI community – what are you doing in your trust to help this process?

Improving medical education and practice across the UK

Quality improvement activity is an important part of appraisal for revalidation but it can often be misunderstood, confused with other types of supporting information or difficult to evidence.

Here, Danny Keenan, medical director at the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership, shares his views and ideas to support doctors through the process.

Annual appraisals are something that everyone is now familiar with. Along with feedback from patients and significant events, quality improvement activity is one of the other types of supporting information doctors need to collect, discuss and reflect at their appraisals.

Quality improvement activity can take many forms depending on a doctor’s role and the nature of their practice. But one thing it doesn’t include is continuous professional development (CPD). CPD is a requirement for appraisal in its own right but having reviewed many colleagues’ appraisals I know they are often confused.

Why quality improvement is important

Quality improvement is essentially…

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