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National Quality Improvement (inc. Clinical Audit) Network (N-QI-CAN) brings together the regional clinical audit / effectiveness networks from across England. There are 13 regional clinical audit/effectiveness networks all of whom have representatives regularly attending quarterly N-QI-CAN meetings.   Wales and Northern Ireland are also represented on the group to enable sharing of good practice and collaborative working.

N-QI-CAN has several ‘stakeholder members’ including NHS England, HQIP and NICE.  Several of the Royal Colleges and other key stakeholders are represented.

The group has two Officers: the Chair and General Secretary and one Non-Officer position:  Communications Facilitator.

N-QI-CAN’s strategic objectives are:

  • To work with and provide a (national and regional) voice for staff working in clinical audit and quality improvement in organisations who commission/ provide care to health care to NHS patients and social care. 
  • Support Regional Network Chairs and relevant others in the development of regional networks
  • Engage, influence and be a point of contact for key organisations such as HQIP
  • Support the development of national clinical audit
  • Work to align clinical audit, quality improvement and improvement science

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